SEND Ghana calls on Ministry of Health to improve on cold chain equipment

According to the policy think tank SEND Ghana, the Ministry of Health must prioritize funding for its equipment in order to strengthen Ghana’s cold chain equipment regime.

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Prior to COVID-19, Ghana faced significant difficulties and a shortage of cold chain equipment, according to SEND Ghana.

It was reported that the situation only somewhat improved as a result of the government prioritizing COVID-19 vaccines by purchasing refrigerators for the vaccines.

This was part of many recommendations made to government as part of the launch of a report on “Monitoring compliance of Ghana’s Deployment and Vaccination Plan and citizens COVID-19 Vaccination Experience”.

The majority (80%) of teachers and health professionals in the study, or 4 out of 5, had received vaccinations, according to key findings.

The COVID 19 vaccination program and the required protocols were also observed in the report, which was undertaken between April and September mostly in the Ashanti and Greater Accra Regions. Additionally, it evaluated the citizens who had gone to get vaccinated.

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Dr. Emmanuel Ayifah, SEND Ghana’s deputy country director, praised the vaccination-related staff members’ positive attitudes and their adherence to the rules’ rigorous guidelines.

It was advised that the Ghana Health Service should organize extensive training for its workers, commend the staff, and inspire them. He wants the Ghana Health Service to implement a communications plan that emphasizes safeguarding loved ones and friends.

“Health workers and educators received priority immunization during the COVID, therefore we also wanted to learn how well the immunization worked. According to the findings and several important recommendations, the citizens who participated in the departure interview session were generally happy.

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He further explained that, 2020 was a bad year globally because of the COVID and Ghana made available certain measures to contain the spread of the virus.

The World Health Organisation which received the report commended SEND Ghana and its partner, Partnership for Transparency Fund(PTF) for carrying out a comprehensive research on COVID-19 pandemic.

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